We are excited to announce a new Surf Captain feature has been added on mobile devices to view the daily surf forecast summary, giving you another way to breeze through the forecast details.

The new view provides a detailed table that displays the surf, wind, and swell for 6am, 12pm, and 6pm for each day. You can now choose between the original “Basic” forecast view, or the new “Detail” forecast view. This selection will be remembered for future visits. And, of course, when you select a forecast day, you will be have even more details for the surf that day (text forecast, 3 hour, or 1 hour swell/wind table, tides, and sunrise/sunset info).

The screenshot below illustrates the new Detail view.

We know there are different types of users on Surf Captain, some who prefer a simple view and those that like to see all the data. Thats why on Surf Captain we like to provide options and give the user the ability to choose how they like to view the surf forecast.

We'd be stoked to hear what you think. Please feel free to send us a message below to let us know if you prefer the Basic or Detail view.