New Custom Surf Alerts

Never miss the next good swell with custom Surf Captain surf alerts.

Jun 10 1 min read

Surf Captain Pro Plus - Ad Free Subscription

Surf Captain Pro Plus offers an Ad Free experience for the simplest and cleanest Surf Captain experience.

May 10 1 min read

Tides and Surfing - 3 common tide questions answered

Tide have a substantial influence on surfing conditions. This article details three common questions regarding tides.

May 03 2 mins read

Remodeled East Florida forecasts

The Florida East Coast locations have been remodeled, adding 9 new locations.

Mar 28 1 min read

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New buoy data modal

A new buoy data modal has been added to the surf forecast pages tomake viewing the latest buoy data and recent buoy history a breeze.

Feb 29, 2024 — 1 min read

Now Forecasting for all of Central America

Surf Captain now has forecasts for all of Central America, which covers Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Nov 17, 2023 — 3 mins read

Northern California remodeled

A complete overhaul has been done the Northern California surf forecasts. 25 new surf forecast locations have been added.

Aug 02, 2023 — 1 min read

New South Jersey locations

Four new surf forecast locations have been added to South Jersey.

Aug 02, 2023 — 1 min read

Now providing 5-day FREE surf forecasts

Surf Captain is now offering 5 days of free surf forecasts.

Jul 19, 2023 — 1 min read

New Forecast Detail View

A new forecast summary table view has been added to the surf forecast pages.

Jul 10, 2023 — 1 min read