Today, Surf Captain has released a major upgrade to our surf height algorithm.

We spent the last 2 months in Costa Rica, launching the newly released Surf Captain Costa Rica forecasts. While getting tuned into the variety of different swells that hit the Central American country, we completely re-imagined how we take the offshore swell data to derive the forecasted surf height.

The latest update will allow for our surf forecasts to better take into account the wide range of swells that vary from the short period wind swells of the Great Lakes to the 20+ second swells brewed up in the South Pacific. Additionally, our new approach allows us to better take into account the individual bathymetric profile for each forecast area ranging from the shallow continental shelf of the Southeast coast to the deep water volcanic islands of Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

We know that surf forecasts aren't perfect, but we are always looking for better methodologies to create the best forecast possible and we will continue to evolve our forecasting approaches for the foreseeable future.